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Manual Utility Scraper

De Slice® 10591 Manual Utility Scraper introduceert onze finger-friendly®, roestvrije veiligheidsmesjes in de wereld van industriële scrapers. Slice scrapers gebruiken onze 10526 (afgeronde top) en 10528 (scherpe) mesjes in een stevig heft dat de mesjes stabiel houdt voor comfortabel, veilig schrapen. Deze scraper met zachte, comfortabele handgrepen en duurzame, met glas gevulde, nylonconstructie is ontworpen om urenlang te schrapen en tegelijkertijd de handbelasting te verminderen. Het heft heeft twee vooraf ingestelde mesposities om het mesje en de gebruiker te beschermen wanneer het gereedschap niet in gebruik is.

  • Geïnstalleerd mes type: afgeronde top
  • Duurzaam nylon heft met zachte, comfortabele handgrepen
  • Ambidexter ontwerp
  • Compatibele mesjes: 10526, 10528
  • Finger-friendly® rand gaat 11x langer mee dan metaal
  • Chemisch inert mesje roest nooit
  • Vonkvrij, niet-geleidend, niet-magnetisch mesje
  • Olie- en glijmiddelvrij mes
  • Vermindert blessures, verlaagt de kosten
  • Verwisselen van mesje zonder gereedschap
  • REF # 10591

Great for:

  • Scraping off stickers, rust, and debris on electric stovetops
  • Removing paint from wood
  • Clearing away wallpaper, glue, residue, and adhesives 
  • DIY household projects

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth:

Material: GFN, TPEE, POM, zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 5.37 in x W2.88 in x H0.9 in

Weight: 0.082 kg

Sell Sheet


  • Manual Utility Scraper
  • Blade Replacement on Slice Utility Scrapers


How Is This Utility Scraper Safer Than Standard Scrapers?

A standard flat-bladed utility scraper uses a standard (read: dangerously oversharpened) steel utility blade, or even a razor blade. But like standard steel cutting tools, the metal blade wears down quickly. Users are often left with a blade that’s too sharp or too dull, both dangerous in their own way.

Advanced ceramics last much longer than steel, but other ceramic scraper manufacturers still use an unnecessarily sharp blade. So while their blades may not dull quickly, they still start out dangerously sharp.

Slice® blades have a unique finger-friendly® edge that’s sharp enough to be effective, but still safe to the touch. This allows companies who use Slice to reduce injuries and lower costs.

Will a Ceramic Scraper Break?

We can’t speak for any other ceramic scraper on the market, but Slice scrapers are sturdy and take advantage of our thicker blade to absorb pressure without breaking. Remember, we use 100 percent zirconium oxide—which is much harder than steel—not typical kitchen ceramics, which are prone to shattering. And while our blades will eventually break if they’re subjected to a side load, the design of a scraper doesn’t allow this because the pressure is absorbed across the length of the blade.

How Do You Change the Slice Manual Scraper’s Blade?

On the top of our ceramic scraper, you’ll see an orange slider button, which is used to set the blade position. As part of that mechanism, there is a small tab with the image of a lock engraved in it.

First, set the handle to the exposed blade position. Then, press downward on the “lock” tab so that it won’t catch on the dark grey handle. At the same time, push the slider as far forward as it can go. Your blade should now be fully exposed and easy to lift off the orange blade holder. Simply remove the current blade and replace it with a new 10526 or 10528 blade, lining up the blade notch so it sits in the holder. Then press on the slider mechanism again and pull the blade all the way back into the housing.