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Utility Blades (Rounded Tip)

Slice® 10524 Keramische Utility Blades zijn ideaal voor onze 10490 en 10491 metal-handle utility knives. Vervaardigd uit hoogstaand keramiek, zijn de 10524 mesjes vonkvrij, niet-magnetisch, chemisch inert, zonder oliecoating en roesten ze nooit. Met een samenstelling van 100% zirkoniumdioxide en een stevig, finger-friendly® ontwerp, kunnen deze mesjes zwaar materiaal aan en bieden ze toch uitstekende slijtvastheid. Ze gaan zelfs tot 11 keer langer mee dan vergelijkbare stalen mesjes. Bovendien helpt hun gepatenteerde veiligheidsrand blessures te verminderen en zo de kosten te verlagen.

  • Mes type: afgeronde top
  • Veiliger dan traditionele mesjes
  • Finger-friendly® rand snijdt efficiënt
  • Gaat tot 11,2x langer mee dan metalen mesjes
  • Minder verwisselen van mesje = minder verwondingen
  • Vermindert blessures, verlaagt de kosten
  • Vonkvrij, niet geleidend, niet magnetisch
  • Chemisch inert; roest nooit
  • Olie-en glijmiddelvrij
  • Geen veiligheidsafvalbak nodig
  • 100 procent recycleerbaar
  • Mesje is veilig van -40 ° C tot 1600 ° C
  • Compatibele heften: 10479, 10490, 10491, 10493, 10496, 10497, 10582, 10590, 10594
  • 2 dubbelzijdige mesjes per verpakking
  • REF # 10524

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth:

Material: zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 2.43 in x W0.74 in x H0.03 in

Weight: 0.016 kg

Sell Sheet


  • Blade Replacement on Metal-Handle Utility Knives
  • Blade Replacement on the 10594 Manual Mini Scraper


What Can I Use Ceramic Utility Blades For?

Use these blades for the same applications as you would use a regular utility blade, and more. The properties of advanced ceramics ensure that your blade is non-sparking, chemically inert, autoclave-friendly, and never rusts.

Slice®’s thicker, more durable ceramic blades do not flex in the same way as metal, so they’re not ideal for any application that exerts a side load or requires the blade to bend. But typical uses, such as hand trimming solder from metal parts or plastic flash from injection-molded products are just as easy—and much safer—with Slice utility blades.

What’s the Advantage of Ceramic Blades?

Until recently, utility blade types included only steel. The sole customizable option was to choose a different handle. Slice added ceramics to the market. Since then, other companies have started manufacturing ceramic utility blades, but none offer Slice’s finger-friendly® safety edge.

For that reason, the best utility blades to reduce hand and finger injuries are Slice blades. Our proprietary grind creates an edge that cuts materials effectively and is safe to the touch. Slice blades also hold their cutting edge, on average, 11.2 times longer than steel. This means fewer blade replacements and therefore fewer opportunities for injury.

Other advantages of advanced ceramics come from the properties of our ceramic material. Zirconium oxide is chemically inert, non-sparking and non-magnetic. It can be heated up to 1600 degrees Celsius and requires no special oil or lubricant coating to maintain sharpness.

Does Slice Make a Ceramic Utility Knife?

Yes! We make a whole line of utility knives with different blade retraction options, including manual retraction (with multiple fixed-position cutting depth options), auto-retractable, and smart-retracting handles. Each ceramic utility knife offers different choices to account for personal preferences and varying safety regulations.

What Handles Will This Utility Blade Fit?

The trapezoidal utility blades that Slice makes (that is, the 10523, 10524, 10525 series) are all compatible with our metal-handle utility knives. These knives include the 10490 Manual Metal-Handle Utility Knife and the 10491 Auto-Retractable Metal-Handle Utility Knife. Both these knives are ambidextrous and feature a large, sturdy handle. The manual version locks in place, offering three preset cutting depths, while the auto-retractable version retracts on its own, as soon as the user releases the slider.