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Auto-Retractable Box Cutter

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Het Slice® 10503 Auto-Retractable Box Cutter tilt veiligheid naar een hoger niveau met een ergonomisch, beschermend J-vorm heft en onze veiligheidsmesjes waarvoor een patent is aangevraagd. Vermijd verwondingen met een retractable box cutter die voorkomt dat het mes per ongeluk wordt blootgesteld. Houd uw vingers veilig met ons beschermend heft. Deze safety box cutter gebruikt 100% zirkoniumoxide-mesjes die vonkvrij, niet-magnetisch, chemisch inert en veilig zijn tot 1600 graden Celsius en nooit roesten. Geschikt voor vele materialen, waaronder enkel- en dubbelwandig golfkarton. Hang de 10503 aan een zak (het mes aan de buitenkant en uit de buurt van uw lichaam houden) of gebruik het koordgat om uw gereedschap bij de hand te houden.

  • Geïnstalleerd mestype: afgeronde top # 10404
  • Duurzaam nylon heft met anti-slip comfortgrip
  • Automatische terugvering voor extra veiligheid
  • Ergonomisch heft helpt overbelastingsletsels te verminderen
  • Ambidexter ontwerp
  • Koordgat
  • Finger-friendly® mesje snijdt efficiënt
  • Vermindert blessures, verlaagt kosten
  • Vonkvrij, niet-geleidend, niet-magnetisch mesje
  • Chemisch inert mesje roest nooit
  • Olie- en glijmiddelvrij mesje
  • Mesje 100 procent zirkoniumoxide
  • De mesrand gaat tot 11.2x langer mee dan metaal
  • Minder verwisselen van mesje = minder verwondingen
  • Compatibele mesjes: 10404, 10408
  • Verwisselen van mesje zonder gereedschap
  • REF # 10503

Great for:

  • Opening boxes and bags
  • Box disassembling
  • Cutting tape, shrink wrap and plastic film

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth: 0.33 in

Material: TPEE, GFN, POM, carbon steel, zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 6.97 in x W3.35 in x H0.72 in

Weight: 0.128 kg

Sell Sheet

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What Is a Box Cutter Used For?

As the name suggests, box cutters are often used to open corrugated material but they can also handle a wide variety of other materials such as clamshell packaging, tape, card stock, and plastic film. Be sure you choose the right blade tip (rounded or pointed) for your application.

Why Buy a Box Cutter From Slice?

The Slice® award-winning J-hook design changed ideas about how to use a box cutter. Not only does the wrap-around handle protect the user from staples and other debris, but the blade housing reduces unnecessary blade exposure. The handle also acts as a built-in guide, giving the user more control over the angle of the cut, and encouraging an ergonomic grip. Simply put, the Slice box cutter is a safety box cutter, from its finger-friendly® safety blade to its innovative tool design.

In addition to our auto-retractable box cutter providing a safer cut, Slice blades are also chemically inert, meaning they never rust. They’re non-conductive, oil and lubricant free, and they last up to 11 times longer than steel. Fewer blade changes are involved, which means more money in your pocket. The ergonomic handle also helps to reduce strain.

What About Replacement Blades?

When searching how to put a blade in a box cutter, you'll find all kinds of complex procedures involving screwdrivers and safety gloves. Not so with Slice's safe box cutters. Our tool-free blade replacement and patent-pending finger-friendly edge make blade changes easy and safe. And because our blades last 11 times longer than steel, you'll be replacing blades less often.

For most applications, the Slice 10404 rounded-tip blade adds extra safety protection, but for jobs that require a piercing action to initiate the cut, try the 10408 pointed-tip blade.

Which Slice Box Cutter Is Right For Me?

Slice manufactures two styles of J-hook tool: the retractable box cutter and the manual, or fixed-position blade, box cutter. The manual box cutter is ideal for users that are cutting constantly with few breaks in between strokes. The retractable box cutter has an added layer of safety because the retracting blade prevents the user from accidentally leaving the blade exposed when the knife is not in use.

Both Slice box cutters can handle material depths up to and including double-walled corrugated. If you're cutting something thicker, we recommend one of our utility knives.